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"Tabulations (A Nine Year)." in Jeanine Leane & Judith Beveridge (eds), Best of Australian Poetry 2022 (Australian Poetry)


"tortoise law." in Michelle Cahill, Monique Nair and Anthea Yang (eds),  Resilience (Ultimo Press)

IMG_20221216_175355 (2).jpg

"What Remains." Landfall 243


"chinny chin chin"; "I have heard"; "longest imperial dragon" in Toby Fitch (ed), Groundswell: The Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize For New & Emerging Poets 2007-2020 (OL Society)


"for the chinese merchants of melbourne." Ellen Van Neerven & Toby Fitch (eds), Best of Australian Poems 2021 (Australian Poetry)

Best of Australian Poems 2021.jpg

"Tabulations (A Nine Year)." Island 163

Island magazine.jpg

"Playful Bodily Harm." Rabbit 33: Asia

Rabbit the Asia Issue.jpg

"Alluvial Mining." Any Saturday, 2021. Running Westward. Newcastle Poetry Prize 2021 Anthology.

Newcastle Poetry Prize 2021.jpg

A Special Starch. Chapbook @ Cordite Poetry Review 102


"Famine Relief"; "Eligible Chinese Women Were A Rarity"; "special starch" in Honey Literary Issue 2

powder snow.jpg

"(beauty peace)"; "chinny chin chin"; "when we elevated a section of the great wall" in Paula Morris & Alison Wong (eds), A Clear Dawn: New Asian Voices from Aotearoa New Zealand (Auckland University Press).

A Clear Dawn.jpg

"I have heard." The Friday Poem @ The Spinoff

retro radio.jpg

"longest imperial dragon." amberflora

Sun Loong.JPG

"seek orchards, shelter." Overland 241.


"for the chinese merchants of melbourne." Westerly 65.2

Melbourne Chinatown 19th C.jpg

"when we elevated a section of the great wall"; "to paint like picasso before 1904"; "(beauty peace)". Hainamana 

great wall of china.jpg

"chinny chin chin." Overland 238


"my father was not a gardener." Cordite Poetry Review 96

trees and moon at night.jpg

"(beauty peace)." Stilts 6

mountains mist.jpg

"greener." Southerly 79.1


"typhoon." Rabbit 29

typhoon spiral.jpg

"when we elevated a section of the great wall." Overland 236


"to paint like picasso before 1904." Overland 236

turquoise painted fence.jpg

"origins." Meanjin 79.2


"that summer joey's meat cleaver tantrums were so famous the macallister boys didn't dare ching chong us again." Rabbit 27

icecream sandwich.jpg

"for the good husband." Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 53 (Massey University Press)


"the mission: by miss w, fourth generation chinese new zealander"; "as pretty as miss hong kong". Mascara Literary Review 22

brown timber boards.jpg

"tachycardia." Westerly 62.1


"The Man from Sudan in the Dried Flower Store at Victoria Market." Island 116

dried flowers.jpg

"off-white." The Sleepers Almanac No. 5

rope swimming pool.jpg

"english mittens." Eureka Street

blue polka dots.png

"Staples." Anne Marie Smith (ed), Culture Is... Australian Stories Across Cultures: An Anthology. (Wakefield Press)

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"at the bookstore." Five Bells 15.1

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"learning english with fatima." Heat 14

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"in the night." Five Bells 14.4

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"lonely, the inky night presses in on the windscreen." Five Bells 14.2

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"missing you is an elephant." Eureka Street 

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"hypnotherapy." Going Down Swinging 23

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"like the meaning of love." Southerly 65.1

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"the isolation of the individual who lives in a superior realm." New England Review 22

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"philosophy falling." JM Bean, K Blaney-Murphy, M Hawthorne & G Telford (eds), Suburbs of the Mind (Central Coast Poets)

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"Salt from the Sea." Verandah 18

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