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Interests include women's storytelling; feminist epistemologies & subjectivities; orientalism; colonialism; decolonisation; early/settler Chinese diaspora literature and history in the 'Gold Mountain' white settler nations around the Pacific Rim; and intersections between poetry and history.



"Silence and Violence Against Women of Colour: Remembering Eunji Ban and Renea Lau." Feminist Writers Festival. 

23 October 2018.

"Gold Mountain Sisters." Women's Museum of California.                     18 Jan 2017.

"Speaking as a Settler Chinese Woman in Aotearoa New Zealand." Hecate 42.1. 2016.

"Beneath the Long White Cloud: Settler Chinese Women's Storytelling in Aotearoa New Zealand." PhD Thesis. University of Melbourne. 2016.

"Desiring to Believe." The Monist 85.3. July 2002.



"Orienting Settler Chinese Women's Storytelling in Aotearoa New Zealand." Dragon Tails, Translation and Transformation Conference. Victoria University, Wellington. 20-23 Nov 2019.

"Performing 'Chinese Woman' in Aotearoa New Zealand." Desire, Excess, and Twentieth to Twenty-First Century Women's Writing Conference. University of Queensland, Brisbane. 8-10 Feb 2017.

"Chinese Women in New Zealand: A Gross and Bitter Evil." Chinese Women in the Southern Diaspora History Symposium. University of Wollongong, Wollongong. 5 Dec 2014.

Research: Work
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